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5 Indian soldiers killed in lightening

Khasyani Bili Khamba Noche – India started blaming Pakistan for the possible failure of the G-20 meeting Lightning was blamed for the fire that broke out in an army truck in Rajouri district at around 3 pm and resulted in the death of 4 soldiers. At 6:00 p.m., the Indian Army declared the accident a grenade attack by unknown terrorists. ,

According to media reports, some retired officers and analysts have started blaming Pakistan for the announcement. It was to convince that the law and order situation in Kashmir is completely normal, due to the worsening law and order situation and the disputed status of Kashmir, the Modi government was under severe pressure due to the refusal of participation of most of the G-20 countries. During the meeting, fears of severe protests and strikes by Kashmiris were also a headache for the Modi government. India’s possible participation in the meeting had also undermined India’s efforts to isolate Pakistan on the external front. The meeting has to be moved from Srinagar to somewhere else, justifying the incident, India can also excuse the participation of the Pakistani foreign minister in the SCO meeting.