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A low-caste Indian youngster died after being beaten by a teacher, according to his family.

The family of an Indian adolescent from India’s lowest Hindu social caste reported on Monday that he died after being hit with a stick by a schoolteacher for making a spelling mistake in class, and police confirmed they were investigating.

Nikhit Kumar, 15, was confirmed dead by medics in the Auriya district of northern Uttar Pradesh state 19 days after his teacher administered corporal punishment on a private school campus, according to his relatives.”At first, my nephew was viciously beaten by the teacher and then abused because we are Dalits,” claimed Rishi Kumar, the boy’s uncle. The Dalit community is at the bottom of the Indian Hindu caste system and is referred to as “untouchables.”

Untouchability is illegal in India, yet Dalits continue to experience widespread abuse and have had their attempts at upward social mobility severely thwarted.”The teacher is from the upper caste; he murdered Nikhit and then screamed casteist remarks when we wanted monetary recompense,” Rishi Kumar told Reuters over the phone.

The Auriya district police commander stated that the family had filed a criminal complaint and that doctors were conducting a postmortem to determine the cause of the youth’s death.”Police are attempting to locate the missing instructor,” said Charu Nigam, the district police chief.

In response to the boy’s murder, Dalit supporters of the family flung stones at neighbouring officers and a police van, according to police.

The caste system in India is one of the world’s oldest forms of rigid social division. The arrangement gives upper castes many advantages while oppressing lower ones.

According to National Crime Records Bureau data, crime against Dalits in India increased by 9.4% from 45,961 instances in 2019 to 50,291 in 2020.