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A Nation in Crisis

Domestic political crisis in the country is nothing new for the nation rather it goes well with our political curiosity and gossip nature. We have ample time for trivia and non-productive activities.
Nation states are not only a combination of territory and people but the combination of a shared sense of responsibility, and collective wisdom which is mutually beneficial to all. A leader is one who harnesses the potential of his nation, expands it and uses it for benefit of all, and guide his people to a collectively chosen destiny. Selflessness, wisdom courage, and clarity are four fundamental characteristics of a leader. Selfless, because his decisions should be independent of personal greed or bias, wisdom, is a step ahead of intelligence which provides him/ her edge over others to see logically and rationally, courage, because in a competitive world leader will be often confronted with hard choices and above all clarity of objective and ways to achieve set goals.
The Pakistani nation is unlucky to have witnessed only Slogans, assertions, lies and false promises by their leaders. The nation is badly polarized and leaders are to be blamed for it. No political leader made any effort for unity of the nation and tried to synergies the potential.
Leaders handle crisis and emerge victorious. Leaders do not adopt populism and create chaos in crisis. Pakistan is under crisis over crisis for last decade. A rudderless nation is being manipulated through fake slogans and hash tags #. Resultantly, nation is badly polarised and has been submerged in illusions. People have gone short tempered because of this falsification and do not listen nor they speak rationale. Imran Khan evokes binaries which are combination of demonic enemy images and virtuous self-image. Three opponents marked out as trouble makers in domestic politics by him include , PML(N), PPP which are designated as corrupt and holder/ promoter of dynastic politics and establishment to be seen as conspirator against him and protector of corrupt political mafia.
Not far away, PML ( N) had adopted same binary construction labelling establishment promoter and supporter of IK led PTI’s inefficient government and anti democratic force. Both leaders misguided whole nation.
Both are indicating a good force as revisionist force which creates hurdles in the democratic progress of country through intervention in political process. It is vice versa what they are saying, have a look at the successes of Army in war against terrorism, their role in establishment of peace in country and particularly in FATA, Balochistan and Karachi. Their contributions in fight against Covid19 and now in floods.
Both are ignoring the support of establishment for their governments and themselves and are critical of support for opponents.
PML-N scapegoat establishment for their corruption and IK is hiding his inefficiency by putting blame on Army.
Lust for power is ingrained in human nature but it must have a limit.
This disinformation campaign against establishment by political leaders aims to deceive their voters. People believe in political slogans and this bandwagon effect has resulted into a poisonous atmosphere for the country.
Nation must understand this cat and mouse tactics by populist leaders and others who are engaged in this power politics.