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According to one study, young parents do not know how to manage their children’s screen time.

With the rise of new technology and the popularity of smartphones, the problems that new parents face are becoming more prevalent. According to a recent study, modern parents are having difficulty agreeing on how to manage their children’s screen time.

There is no “rule book” to guide and direct parents in this regard. According to the survey, parents admitted to having problems in their families as a result of their children’s excessive use of mobile phones.

According to the study’s authors, most modern parents simply went with the flow when it came to their children’s digital habits.

According to the findings, children and teenagers using smartphones have become a major source of family conflict.

Researchers wanted to learn more about millennial parents’ attitudes toward technology and how they influence their children’s behaviour.

According to the study, parents should be educated on how to help their children and control the influence of mobile media on their children’s behaviour.

The survey sample consisted of 281 Australian parents, 75% of whom reported “tension, conflict, and family disagreements.”

In addition, parents reported that their children’s digital media habits had resulted in a lack of exercise, excessive gaming, social withdrawal, and sleep issues.

Researchers believe that the lack of standard guidelines for parents was a major issue. Parents were perplexed as a result of conflicting advice.A research team from Edith Cowan University conducted the study, which was published in the journal Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies.