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Afghanistan-Pakistan trade surges at crossing areas

Trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has recently surged.

Pakistan’s envoy for Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq said that large numbers of vehicles cross into and out of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Reported Tola News, according to the data, within the past three days, 1,450 trucks laden with goods (or returning empty) have passed through Torkham, 1,094 through Chaman, 618 through Ghulam Khan, 564 through Kharlachi, and 410 through Angora Ada.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment said that the crossing points with Pakistan were the shortest transit path for Afghan exports and that the trade problems between Kabul and Islamabad have been resolved. 

“Afghanistan’s exports are going well and increased by 20% from last year. With the opening of air corridors, our exports will increase by 25% by end of this year,” said Mohammad Younis Momand, head of the organization.

Some traders in the eastern province of Nangarhar said that trade was at a normal rate at the Afghan and Pakistan crossings. The traders said that the trade rate was still at a low level and shows a 50 percent reduction compared to four months ago. 

“Pakistani representatives have said that our trade with Afghanistan has increased, and goods are transiting through Ghulam Khan, Spinboldak and Torkham borders,” said Zalmai Azimi, a trader.  

“It is very important for us to export our goods to the Indian markets through Pakistan,” said Abdul Nasir Reshtia, an economist.