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After James Norton’s leak, London companies are considering a “phone ban.”

The Independent says that after the Daily Mail released James Norton’s naked photos, London theatres are thinking about taking away the phones of people who go there.

In Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life, which was turned into a play in 2015, the Happy Valley star had to do a part without clothes.

Soon, the Mail released racy photos of the actor, which were quickly taken down after people on Twitter complained.

But the illegal pictures were also printed on pages one and three of the daily paper.

Kevin Wilson, who has worked as a publicist in the West End for 30 years, called the newspaper “immoral” and “sickening” on Twitter.

Wilson told The Independent, “What’s the point of putting a sticker on the back of a phone?” He said, “You can just peel it off.” “Handing over your phone should be a requirement for getting in.”

The editor of Stage newspaper, Alistair Smith, told The Guardian, “I’d be very surprised if this latest incident doesn’t make it normal for people to have to put their phones in lockboxes at shows with famous people or musical numbers that people want to film.”