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After putting women-only buses on the road, the Sindh government is planning to add pink cabs.

After the Pink Bus Service, the Sindh government will start a “Pink Taxi Service” with electric cars to help women get around. This was revealed on Thursday by Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon.

The news was shared at a meeting in Karachi, where Sindh Transport Secretary Salim Rajput and other officials were also present.

The minister said that 200 electric cabs will start running in Karachi at first. Fifty of them will be for women only and will be driven by women. He said that they had not yet hired female drivers or set up charging and stopping stations.

“The electric taxi service will give people a cheap way to get around,” said Memon.

He said that the project would also give jobs to young people who don’t have work, and that eco-friendly cabs would save billions of rupees worth of oil.

The government will get 500 new electric buses.
The information minister also said that the Sindh government had chosen to get 500 new buses for the people to use in the next fiscal year. These buses will be run by the Peoples Bus Service.

He also told the right people to start bus service on a new path from Hattri to Khesana Mori in Hyderabad.

He said that the tests for the new route would start in three days.

“With the opening of a new route, people who live in rural areas will be able to get around for less money,” he said.

The minister then gave orders for all buses in the line to be put on Karachi’s roads so that people could use them. He said that by June 15, the government will have 20 new cars.