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After their reconciliation, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are ‘working on communicating better.’

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are “slowly figuring things out” after reuniting one month after divorcing.Since Flavin is still alive, the couple decided to give their 25-year marriage another try “”She’s a lot happier,” a source told People Magazine.

“She’s been spending time with Sly, and they’re gradually working things out,” an insider claimed, adding that the couple is learning from their mistakes.”Communication has been a difficulty in the past, but they are both focusing on improving their communication,” the insider continued.

“When they’re pleased, they’re fantastic together. Their friends cannot fathom them being divorced. However, it appears that they will be able to sort things out.”Everyone is pleased that they are giving their marriage another shot.” “said the insider

According to the source, Flavin filing for divorce was a tremendous wake-up call for the Rocky star, who said, “Jen felt she had no choice but to file for divorce.””She felt unheard and upset.” She’d been telling Sly she was going to file, but he didn’t seem to believe her.

“It came as such a surprise to him.” He had no desire for a divorce. He was continuously looking for a solution.”He has been working hard to reclaim her. They adore one another. They wish to keep their family intact “the insider stated.