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All those who “brought shame to the nation” on May 9 will be held accountable: COAS

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir promised on Wednesday that everyone who was responsible for “bringing shame to the nation on the Black Day of May 9” will be brought to justice.

A news release from the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) says that the army chief said these things while he was at the Sialkot Garrison, where he was met by the Commander of the Gujranwala Corps.

The military’s media arm said that when the COAS arrived, he laid flower wreaths at the Martyrs’ Monument and paid a lot of respect to the shuhada (martyrs) who gave their lives for the pride, honor, and dignity of the country.

“The martyrs have been given the highest place to live after death, and the people of Pakistan will continue to hold them in the highest esteem.

The army chief was quoted as saying, “The State of Pakistan and Armed Forces will always hold all Shuhada and their families in the highest regard and continue to honor them and their supreme sacrifices with the utmost respect and dignity.”

Gen. Munir also said that no one would be able to treat the victims and their memorials badly. “They are a source of inspiration and pride for the rank-and-file members of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, government officials, and the people of Pakistan.”

He said that the recent planned and carried out tragedies would never happen again, no matter what.

The army chief was also proud of the hard work, dedication, good morale, and professionalism of the units under his command.

“During his meetings with officers and troops, the COAS stressed the importance of keeping an eye on the army’s professionalism and readiness to deal with complex internal and external security challenges, including propaganda warfare,” the military’s media wing said.

The ISPR statement is the most current of many criticisms from both the army and the government that have come out since May 9, when PTI Chairman Imran Khan was arrested.

After May 9,
On May 9, Imran was arrested at the Islamabad High Court in the Al Qadir Trust case by the National Accountability Bureau with the help of the armed Rangers. This led to protests and acts of vandalism and violence all over the country.

After the incident, the military has made three comments about what happened on May 9. The first one called the day a “dark chapter” in the history of the country.

In its second statement, released last week, the army said it “will not tolerate any further attempts to violate the sanctity and security of its installations or vandalism” and vowed to bring to justice all the “planners, aiders, instigators, and doers of [the] vandalism.”

And, in a more serious move, the top military leaders promised on Monday to try the people who set fire to the civilian and military buildings by using the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act.

At a special Corps Commanders Conference, where the decision was made, the “politically motivated and instigated incidents against military installations and public/private properties” were called out and condemned.

The National Security Committee, which is the highest forum for coordinating on security issues and is led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, met last week and reaffirmed yesterday (Tuesday) that those involved in the violence on May 9 will be tried under army rules.