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Amjad Islam Amjad, a poet, has died in Lahore.

His family said it was true that he had died. The 78-year-old poet died of a heart attack, they said.

He was born in Lahore on August 4, 1944. In 1967, he got his Master’s degree in Urdu from the University of Punjab. In 1968, he was given a job teaching Urdu at the MAO College in Lahore. He kept working there as a professor until 1975. In August of the same year, he became the Arts Council of Punjab’s second-in-charge.

He has been an important part of the world of writing. Varis, Din, Fishar, and many more of his plays are well-known. In 1975, an award was given to his well-known TV show Khuwab Jaagtay Hain.

He also made a book called Kale Logon ki Roshan Nazmein that was a translation of the poetry of African poets.

Amjad Islam Amjad wrote plays about criticism as well. He has won a lot of awards at home and around the world. In 1987, he got the Pride of Performance award, and in 1998, he got the Sitara-e-Imtaaz award. In 1998, he also got the highly regarded Tamgh-e-Imtiaz award.