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An Analysis of global politics

  1. Can we say that except for 5G and limited development in AI, present global order has failed to provide relief to 8 billion people of the world. Let us see why?
  2. Expansion of Israel-Palestine war theatre, up to middle east, will seriously impact the trade of South Asian and South East Asian Countries. It will also hamper energy supply from Middle East as well as development of middle eastern nations.
  3. Russian-Ukraine war has already contributed significantly to create road blocks for energy needs of rising Asia and also EU major economies. It also raised concern for food security
  4. Israel-Palestine war is third big blow to global economy in last three years; Corona ( Covid19), Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Palestine.
  5. In both wars regional conflict was exploited.
  6. Both wars resulted into strengthening of block politics; G7, NATO vs BRICKS and SCO
  7. Both wars has flamed the Human crisis. Already almost 90 million refugees in the world
  8. During last one year one billion people witnessed severe hunger.
  9. Year 2023 was worst for effects of climate hazards
  10. UN role in all three crisis has been much below average. Global institutional likeUN, IMF and World Bank are destabilizers not stabilizers.
  11. Information has emerged new but extremely significant norm in global politics. Digital media is shaping and breaking public opinion which are founding stones of foreign policy options
  12. Pakistan is vulnerable due to its prolonged political uncertainty , economic situation, energy shortfall, Afghanistan situation, information disorder and polarization
  13. Pakistan needs correct assessment of situation and adoption of policy both on foreign policy and domestic front.