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Angelina Jolie reaches Pakistan to help flood affectees

Angelina Jolie, a popular American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian, reached Pakistan to support communities affected by the devastating floods in the country.
Jolie previously visited Pakistan in the wake of the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods while trying to bring international attention to the aftermath of the two natural calamities to generate humanitarian and financial support for the country.
She is expected to highlight the need for urgent support for the Pakistani people and urge the world to find long-term solutions to the issue of climate change which is threatening the population of developing countries.
Earlier, her visit to Pakistan was announced on social media by the International Rescue Committee (IRC).
“International humanitarian Angelina Jolie is with the IRC visiting Pakistan to see and hear from people affected by recent floods,” the organization said in a Twitter post. “With more rains expected in the coming months, we hope her visit will help the world wake up and take action.”
“Ms. Jolie is visiting to witness and gain understanding of the situation, and to hear from people affected directly about their needs, and about steps to prevent such suffering in the future,” the IRC said in a statement.
It added she would visit the organization’s emergency response operations and meet workers assisting displaced people.
The statement said Jolie’s visit was likely to shed light on the climate change issue while prompting the international community, particularly states contributing the most to carbon emissions, to act and provide urgent support to developing nations bearing the brunt of the environmental degradation.