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Are alien technologies submerged beneath the sea?

A meteorite that struck the planet eight years ago and landed in the South Pacific Ocean may have included alien technology, according to an astronomer, according to BGR.

Avi Loeb believes that the space rock may have come from aliens because of its presumed origin and the fact that it was almost two feet long.

According to the NPR, many people at the moment the meteorite struck thought it originated from interplanetary space. If so, it would be the first extraterrestrial object to strike Earth. Although the assertion is intriguing, astronomers do not entirely concur with Loeb. His assertion is not well-supported by the evidence, and this is not the first time a meteor has struck the earth. Earth receives meteorites from space every year.

The meteor’s official designation is CNEOS 2014-01-08. According to a 2019 study, it might have come from interstellar space. The investigation gives rise to a number of alien-related ideas.

According to Loeb, the rock could not have been connected to our sun because it struck us at a speed of 40 kilometres per second. The idea was supported by a memo from US Space Command.

The astronomer is starting an expedition to analyse the meteor by gathering its fragments from the ocean’s bottom because he is so passionate about his claim. He will have to pay about $1.5 million for this.

Despite widespread scepticism that the concept may not be confirmed, the voyage will offer understanding and give light on the specifics of the meteor’s origin.