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Are we Independent in our opinions?

Spinoza, a brilliant mind of all times said ‘understanding is the key to everything and key to freedom’. Everything is connected to everything in this universe. Everything happen because of something. It is the cause and effect which shapes the reality. Unless, we understand the cause and effect, we can not understand reality, thus our claim of independent remain illusion. Data is basis of information, which when given a shape becomes knowledge which ultimately freshen human wisdom. Sporadic data needs to be analyzed for its authenticity, source and truthfulness before we claim it as an information.
In case of Covid19, entire world was trapped in chaos at least in first six months of pandemic because neither cause was clear nor effects.

Similar situation we are confronting about geo-politics.

Two days ago, a statement by Netherland’s scientist about earthquake in Pakistan jolted whole of Pakistan.

Yesterday, again statement by deputy Governor of SBP about limit of guarantee to account holders of banks, by SBP in case of default, resulted into a limited chaos .
In case of earthquake, information was just an assumption and irresponsible act or a deliberate move to create unrest.
In case of deputy governor, information was analyzed and interpreted differently and out of context.
In both cases our decision were dependent on external sources. We made opinion only by receiving the information.
That’s the power of information in today’s world. It can easily misguide millions and millions of people in a flash of time. It can also give confidence to masses, to every body. Information sets the tone of politics, business, battle field, journalism, policy decision, everything. If information is not analyzed correctly or used correctly, we loose everything.
Thus question arises, are we independent? Answer is big ‘No’. Our opinions are only our biases, inner venom and superficial observations.

We can only be independent if we understand cause and effect. If we understand connection of everything to everything.
This jigsaw puzzle, which we call social media, is corner stone of chaos, lies and deceit. Making opinion on social media information without verification of source, authenticity is mistake. Our biases compel us for selective perception. We are not independent in our opinions but totally make our choices because of external forces.
Have a good day, nothing to worry, we all are having misunderstanding about ourselves, our potentials, opinions and judgements.