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As dengue cases increase in Karachi, school assemblies and PT sessions are prohibited.

An immediate ban on assemblies and physical education (PT) classes in schools was announced on Sunday by Karachi commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Memon in an effort to prevent the spike in dengue virus cases.

Memon also mentioned basic operating protocols that all schools, public or private, must adhere to, such as requiring kids to wear full sleeves.Schools are expected to frequently fumigate their campuses with insecticides that prevent dengue and malaria.

As part of their obligation to inform faculty and students on the essential safeguards against diseases spread by mosquitoes, they must also host an information session on campus.

In an interview with Geo News, Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, the general secretary of the Pakistan Medical Association, claimed that the government’s data on dengue incidence in Karachi were not accurate.

Many dengue victims are getting care from adjacent tiny clinics, he claimed.He added that there is a difference between the government’s reported death toll and the true number.In the meantime, dengue wards are operational in provincial government hospitals, according to the Sindh Health Department.

In hospitals throughout Sindh, 722 beds have been designated for dengue patients, however 574 of those beds are currently empty, according to the report.140 dengue cases are being treated in government hospitals in Karachi, according to the health department.

According to the department, 2,469 persons in Karachi contracted dengue this month. 4,676 dengue cases were documented in the city during the course of the year, it said, adding that 11 people died as a result.