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Asif denounces Imran’s remarks on the nomination of the army chief.

The next army leader would be chosen from among the top five generals, according to Federal Defense Minister Khawaja Asif, who criticised Chairman PTI Imran Khan for his remarks regarding the appointment.

The leader of the PTI attacked the government in a public rally on Sunday in Faisalabad, alleging that it was postponing the elections in order to pick an army commander of its choosing and that if a “patriotic chief of army staff comes in, he will not spare the existing rulers.”

The former prime minister has now come under heat for criticising the Pakistan Army.The PML-N leader said on Monday in the Geo News programme “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath” that the government “will not deviate from this principle” (of the army chief’s appointment), adding that the appointment is made in consultation with the institution.

Khawaja Asif claimed that Imran Khan’s remarks at the Faisalabad rally are a continuation of his aide Shahbaz Gill’s remarks.He claimed that Shahbaz Gill attempted to sow discord among the Pakistan Army’s rank-and-file through his statement, which was broadcast on a private news station.

But this time, he noted, Imran Khan himself started the second episode and attempted to foment discord among the army’s five or six three-star generals.According to Khawaja Asif, PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif consistently chose one of the top five generals to lead the army.

General Ziaul Haq was selected from the eleventh or twelfth position during the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto administration, he continued.