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At a Bestway Foundation gala in London, $2 million was raised for flood victims in Pakistan.

The Bestway Foundation has gathered over $2 million through its fundraising efforts while also urging the UK government and the world community to do more urgently to assist Pakistan in dealing with the flood calamity that has directly touched over 40 million people.

At an event hosted by Sir Anwar Pervez and Lord Zameer Choudrey at the Intercontinental Park Lane, Pakistan’s leading foreign investor Bestway Group invited UK government ministers and leading Asian business personalities to donate money to flood victims in Pakistan.Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK Moazzam Ali Khan attended the event, as did Brandon Lewis MP, the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary; Tom Tugendhat MP, Security Minister;

Paul Scully MP, Minister for London; and former ministers Sajid Javed MP and Oliver Dowden MP. Dr Murtaza Syed, Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, also attended. “We have gathered more than $2 million through charity donations from our businesses and the British Pakistani community,” Lord Zameer Choudrey told Geo News. We organised the event to show Pakistanis that the Bestway Group is on their side. There is a critical need to do much more to assist Pakistan.”

“Floods in Pakistan have caused massive devastation,” Lord Zameer Choudrey stated. Millions of people have lost their jobs, millions have become homeless, and we must assist them. We are rallying the community and the Bestway Foundation to raise donations to assist them. We want to draw attention to the disaster that has struck Pakistan, which is why we invited top government ministers to the event.”

Brandon Lewis MP, Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, told Geo News that the UK government has delivered a considerable package of assistance to Pakistan in the aftermath of the floods.

“We have committed £16.5 million for Pakistan, and we are dealing with broader climate change challenges as well, and we are dedicated to that endeavour,” he said. The UK government has committed to assisting Pakistan, demonstrating our affection and desire to assist Pakistan and the larger climate change issue.”

Haider Zameer Choudrey, Bestway’s CFO, spoke to those in attendance about the impact Bestway Foundation intends to make on the ground, stating that they will build homes and shelters for 5,000 families, provide usable water to 100,000 people, and provide food and medical supplies to over 20,000 people. He also emphasised the magnitude of the problem.

“At a time when the UK is debating the expense of living, you have the equivalent of half of the UK population without a means of survival, let alone having to worry about power.” The floods had such a large impact that it will take many years for those impacted to recover.”

According to Dr. Murtaza Syed of the SBP, Pakistan is experiencing the biggest humanitarian natural disaster in its history. “This is the worst natural calamity in our history,” he remarked. We are receiving aid from all around the world and are hoping for assistance from the international community.”

“The work the Pakistan government is doing with reforestation and other measures is really essential,” said UK Security Minister Tom Tugendhat MP. These floods have been heartbreaking, and the devastation has been far more than many people anticipated. People are willing to support Pakistan, and Lord Zameer’s event shows what others should do.”

Both London Ministers Paul Scully MP and Oliver Dowden stated that the UK public has been “taking a keen interest in the horrific floods that have ravaged Pakistan.” We are concerned about what is going on in Pakistan. Both countries have a long history of friendship. The United Kingdom was among the first countries to call on Pakistan for assistance.

“Former chancellor Sajid Javed MP said he was delighted with “what the UK has previously done, and it is right to look at the situation in Pakistan and see what extra can be done.” When we look at what has happened in Pakistan, we must include climate change. It’s the starting point. Floods in Pakistan have turned people’s lives upside down.”