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At least 18 injured as blast derails train in Bolan

Emergency declared in Sibi and Machh government hospitals after blast caused by remote control device.
Going from Machh to Sibi was the Jaffer Express.
At least 18 people were hurt when a remote-controlled bomb detonated on a railway track in Bolan, Balochistan, sending the engine and seven cars careening off the tracks.

The injured, according to the railway authorities, were sent to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Sibi.

Local authorities have claimed that the Jaffer Express train was on its way from Machh to Sibi when the explosion took place.

“Passengers were rescued by a relief train sent from Sibi and brought back to the city. All Jaffer Express passengers en route from Peshawar to Machh have been diverted to Sibi, where they will board buses bound for Quetta “In addition, they said.

The explosion was carried out via a remote control gadget, according to Deputy Commissioner Kachh Agha Samiullah.

However, the wrecked train’s cars are being removed from the track.

Explosion of a gas line
After an explosion on January 17 in the Sirajabad neighbourhood of Bolan, which damaged a gas pipeline with a 12-inch diameter, repair work on the pipeline could not be finished, and gas service was cut off in parts of Balochistan.

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) reported that repairs had been slowed by the rain but would be finished in a week’s time.

The SSGC has also reported that, for the time being, gas is being sent to Quetta and other places via a backup line.

The SSGC tweeted after the pipeline ruptured, “The law enforcement and intelligence agencies are attempting to ascertain the cause of the damage.”

In addition, the SSGC claimed the pipeline was safe. The local government has begun cleansing the area at night as part of their response.

According to the annual study published by the Centre for Research & Security Studies, Balochistan has been subject to continual terror assaults, with 110 strikes last year, making it the second most vulnerable province in the country (CRSS).

Hundreds of people were killed and hundreds more were injured in terrorist assaults and counterattacks around the region.

Balochistan, a province that only accounts for 6% of the country’s population, saw almost two dozen attacks in rapid succession in the last month of the year, resulting in one-fourth of the total casualties.

There have been allegations that the largest province in terms of land area is also the site of frequent terrorist attacks, with the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and the Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) playing key roles. Against least 14 major attacks, most of which were directed at security forces, occurred in Balochistan.

Terrorists in the province continued to focus their attention on the security forces.