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Ayaz Amir, a senior journalist, was arrested after his wife was discovered dead in Islamabad.

According to News, senior writer Ayaz Amir’s daughter-in-law was slain in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad neighbourhood on Friday.According to an Islamabad Police official, Ayaz Amir’s son Shah Nawaz allegedly murdered his wife Sara at home. Her body was discovered at a farmhouse.

Ayaz Amir’s son has been detained, according to a police official.Senior officers of the Islamabad Police and forensic teams were present at the scene, according to the police spokeswoman.According to a police official, an investigation into the incident is ongoing, and whatever details are discovered will be revealed.

The victim’s body has been transferred to PIMS Hospital Islamabad for a post-mortem examination.In an interview with the media, Amir stated that such an act should never happen to anyone and that no one should have to face such a catastrophe.When asked about rumours that his kid was drunk, the journalist responded: “What else can I say about it? It is a legal issue “.