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Ayesha Omar sets the record straight about her ‘abusive’ ex-fiance.

Pakistani actor Ayesha Omar’s comments about her terrible relationship with her “abusive” ex-boyfriend got a lot of attention, but it’s still unclear who the person is.

One name that stood out was that of Sikandar Rizvi, an actress and restaurant owner who works with the Zindagi Gulzar Hai actor.

But the Rehbra star said that she wasn’t talking about him in the podcast show that Frieha Altaf was hosting.

Ayesha wrote on her Instagram story, “Hi, friends and haters. This is to make it clear that Sikander Rizvi is NOT the abusive person I talk about in my show with @friehaaltaf.

The Habs actor said that she actually told a family friend about her terrible past experience.

“It was the son of a family friend who has nothing to do with the news. DO NOT get Sikander or his family involved in this. Thank you very much. Much love. AO,” wrote Ayesha.

Screenshot of Ayesha Omar’s Instagram story. — Instagram/@ayesha.m.omar
A screenshot of Ayesha Omar’s Instagram tale. — Instagram/@ayesha.m.omar
During her time on Frieha’s radio show, the actor and rapper-singer talked about her painful, years-long relationship with her ex-fiance.

Ayesha said that during this relationship, she went through a lot of mental and physical abuse, but she was able to get out of it.

Ayesha said in the interview, “It was eight years ago. We were about to get married, and we were like a family. It took me a long time to break up with this person because I thought maybe my love would make them change. I’d help him.”

She also said that after the man did everything, he would apologize, and then she would forgive him and come back to him. “But one day, he attacked me physically. This was the day I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, so I broke up with him,” she also said.