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Balochistan is looking for affordable Punjab wheat.

The Punjabi government has been asked by the Balochistani government to deliver 6.5 lakh sacks of wheat at a fair price.

Pervaiz Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab, agreed to the proposal and declared that he would give Balochistan 6.5 lakh wheat bags.

According to Balochistan’s Minister of Food Zmarak Khan Achakzai, Punjab’s supply of wheat will end the province’s bread shortage.

In an earlier meeting in Lahore, Achakzai asked the Punjab chief minister to lend a hand. Elahi commanded the relevant authorities to provide Balochistan with the necessary number of wheat bags at a fair price right away.

According to the Balochistan food minister, the province’s food department would organise for the delivery of the wheat right away, which will end the province’s wheat shortage.