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Benny Dayal says he was sad when he didn’t get to be in Ghajini’s Behka Behka.

When he first got into the Indian music business, Benny Dayal was able to make hit after hit. He talked about how sad he was that he couldn’t sing Behka Behka from the movie Ghajini.

When he talked about it, he said, “During Ghajini, I was working as a human resources manager for a big company. That time, I was asked to sing another song called “Behka Behka” for the same movie. I was asked to sing the song, but I told Rahman that I was at work and couldn’t make it to the recording right away. I was very sad, but Kaise turned out to be very pretty in the end.

He also said, “Before the recording of Ghajini, Rahman had already recorded the song with just a melody. He hadn’t planned to write it for Ghajini. He wanted me to sing it. When work on the movie began, he played Aamir sir the tune (the scratch) (Khan, actor). Aamir sir liked the tune, and he wanted to use it in the movie. He also said that the song should be sung by the same singer. I didn’t even know where the song was going when I sang it.”

He ends by saying, “At first, when composers came to me or I went to them, I felt like a lot of them didn’t know what they were doing. They weren’t sure which hero’s face would go with my voice. I always believe, though, that I’m really good at what I do. AR Rahman was the one who really saw how good my voice could be.