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Bride prioritises and chooses pasta above her husband

Weddings are seen as happy ceremonies all around the world, and the bride and groom are typically quite eager about their special day.

However, a woman in India recently shocked a number of online users by deciding to put her priorities in order and chose her favourite dish over her partner.

A woman could be seen in the video, which was posted by an Indian page called “The House Of Bride,” enjoying a bowl of pasta while decked up in a gorgeous light-pink and gold bridal ensemble, along with gold jewellery and heavy makeup.

So here we are… dinner first, Parul? the guy recording the video could be heard asking the bride.The bride responded with a smile and the phrase, “Pasta first, marriage second.”Users responded to the video with a number of hearts and laughing emojis.

This isn’t the first time a bride’s love of food on her wedding day has gone viral. Another woman’s viral video from the previous year showed her eating french fries while getting ready for her wedding.

She answered when someone told her that her barat had arrived and the groom was waiting “Where would the groom go? and “Food was more important? I must first eat.”