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Canadian visa: Important news for Pakistani applicants

Pakistanis who want to visit Canada can now get their visas handled in two months, because Ottawa cut the time it takes to process visas.

The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, shared the news about the change.

The minister said, “Pakistani citizens will be able to get a Canadian visit visa in 60 days instead of 802 days.”

He also claimed to cut down on the time it takes to get a visa by speeding up the process so that it can be done in a month.

The minister wrote on Twitter, “Visa handling times for new applications are not 802 days. At the moment, a full TRV application from Pakistan takes 60 days to process, but we hope to get that down to 30 days soon.”

He also said that the website shows that Canada processes visas in 802 days. This is because they are handling older applications from when the borders were closed because of the pandemic.

“We’ve cut the backlog for Pakistani TRVs by a lot, from 55,000 to less than 15,000,” he wrote in a tweet.

The Canadian minister also talked about how his country is putting money into a new processing center in Islamabad to increase the number of people who can be processed and interviewed in the Indo-Pak area.

“Thanks @PaulChiangMU @Yasir_Naqvi @Shafqat_Ali_1 @SameerZuberi @SalmaZahid15 @iamIqraKhalid for their continued support of the Pakistani community in Canada,” he wrote.