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CDA Destroys Dozens of Houses in One of Islamabad’s Most Expensive Societies

In Park Enclave Phase-I, the enforcement branch of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) carried out a successful operation against encroachers. This was part of the CDA’s ongoing attempt to reclaim undeveloped and under-developed residential areas from encroachers.

During the operation, more than a dozen border walls and 48 homes were taken down.

The effort to remove encroachments shows how much the CDA cares about keeping the integrity of its land. But it also makes people wonder if the local body will be able to keep the land mafia at bay, since encroachers have to be removed over and over again.

The Islamabad High Court told the CDA earlier this month to carry out a wide-ranging operation against people living in Sector F-11.

The court told the CDA to tear down 30 illegally built houses, 15 shops, and 11 border walls on government land, which they did. After the operation, the government got back land worth billions of dollars.

Member Estate and his team recently did a huge operation in Park Enclave Phase III. This was another important operation. Fifty homes built on government land were torn down, and four people were arrested for getting in the way of the work.

These actions show that the CDA is determined to keep its land sacred and make sure that encroachments are dealt with quickly. The fact that illegal buildings were torn down and government land was taken back shows that the authority is serious about keeping the law and guarding public assets.