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“Climate change is likely to have severe effects on Pakistan.”

INCHEON: Yevgeniy Zhukov, the Asian Development Bank’s Director General for Central and West Asia, said on Friday that climate change is expected to have a big effect on the CAREC region, which includes Central Asia, Mongolia, Pakistan, China, and the South Caucasus.

During a press conference at the 56th ADB annual meeting, Zhukov asked Central and West Asia and its neighbors to do something about the effects of climate change, which are getting worse and could lead to water shortages, food insecurity, and even war in the region.

According to the report, climate change has had some of its most dramatic and deadly effects in the region in the year 2022. This includes the devastating floods in Pakistan, the harsh droughts in Afghanistan and China, days and even weeks of extreme heat, and fighting across borders in Central Asia over the limited water resources.

“The recent severe weather in Central and West Asia shows that we all need to act quickly and together,” he said.

Yevgeniy Zhukov, who is the Asian Development Bank’s Director General for Central and West Asia, talks to the press on May 5. APP
The head of the Asian Development Bank for Central and West Asia On May 5, Yevgeniy Zhukov speaks at a press meeting. — APP
Zhukov said that the countries in the area need to work together to cut greenhouse gas emissions, make the area more resistant to climate change, and take care of the region’s valuable natural resources for the good of all.

The study says that temperature rises that are higher than normal are likely to lead to less water, more desertification, and more extreme weather like floods and droughts.

He said that by 2050, there will be a 37% water supply gap in Central Asia if irrigation systems and other important water facilities are not updated and made better. This gap could make farming less productive, increase food poverty, hurt health, and even cause fights over limited resources.

The study suggests that the CAREC Program should come up with a plan to deal with climate change. This plan should include key sectors for working together, a list of projects with the most potential to reduce or adapt to climate change, and a plan for how to pay for these projects.

The study says that the region’s call for action on climate change will be stronger if CAREC members announce their shared stance at global climate talks like COP.