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Climate resilience funds have been diverted for relief ; Climate Minister

This was stated by Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman while talking to media in Islamabad.
She said “One thing is affecting every relief effort, and that is a clear deficit of funds and goods. We have already diverted all development and climate resilience funds towards relief, especially to the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) to ensure that Rs25,000 is made available immediately to each affected family.
“In addition to the UN system, given the scale and immediacy of the disaster, we urgently need more assistance from the international community for relief, as thousands are still in tents, while many still seek a cover over their heads,” she said.
Minister said thousands of people were still seeking shelters, and there were worries about people spending the entire winter this way. The country will need much more to service 33 million people affected by the unprecedented disaster.
“Pakistan’s economic system has sustained a huge exogenous shock. We need urgent buffers from a debt overhang that is squeezing out fiscal options to rebuild almost half the country, while we also need climate resilience funds ,” Sherry Rehman said