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Community Built Social Media Campaigns & Next Elections

Dr Atique Ur Rehman

Global and national digital land scape is too big to take your message to small community and groups. It has been proved that community-built digital campaigns will have a dramatic effect in political campaigns, disaster support management, development support programs, because local masses are more interested with news related to their personal and regional issues. TV bulletins and talk shows, long transmissions have outlived their utility in an age of digital world. It is an era of community built networks to persuade masses. Community built networks are also very effective in countering propaganda and fake news. It is a God given opportunity for political contestants, people of their areas, all over the country, to develop community-built networks and interact with each other for development of your area. Consistent display of posters, videos related to your area are big cultivation tools. It is important to understand that proliferating overall party narrative and getting votes in its own constituency are two different things. This is where one need to involve community based digital media networks like innovative websites, new pattern of web tv, You Tube content, new techniques of Instagram posts. Effective community built political communication can bring massive change in behavior of society.

Community build networks also gives a political party more voices to join the bigger voice of their leader. It helps people to speak out their hearts to local leaders and persuade them for resolving issue. The portals made at national level to address complaints are just an eye wash.

Residents of tribal districts will not be very keen to know about Anarkali or Liberty Chowk Lahore news. Similarly a resident of North Nazimabad, Karachi will not be very keen to know, what is happening in Gujranwala. KPK voter has distinct character compared with voter of district Sialkot or Multan. Southern Punjab and Northern Punjab have different political culture. Main stream media can not cover union councils and tehsil councils but community built networks can.
Community build network is your own property.
Big corporations must not waste their money on big campaigns but learn, how to build small social media networks through attractive websites, web tv etc. Developing Community built digital networks is an art to be handled by professionals and it is also a way to victory, success and to rise.