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Courage against adversity

Papillon, a book must be read by every one. It is famous novel based upon real story of Henri Charrière (1906 – 1973) who was convicter for s murder. It is riveting account of courage against all odds. He remained in prison for 14-years (October 26, 1931 to October 18, 1945). He finally escaped the prison by building a raft. Many of his escape attempts fail, but his will for survival and freedom stays just as strong as the day he is convicted. In a lot of ways, Papillon teaches you that giving up on life, both mentally and physically, will only be your downfall.
Seven years in Tibet, a movie based upon real life story of Heinrich Harrer, about his escape from a British internment camp in India and his trek across the Himalayas to Tibet.
Pakistan Army troops have been tested in real death scenario in war against terrorism. The whole theatre of operation was littered with IEDs, suicide bombers, snipers. Whole Wazirastan, Balochistan was a death trap. Every soldier and officer of Pakistan has been to these fighting areas not only once but twice and thrice. War is yet not over, fight is still on against all the odds but they know, victory is the only solution.
Sun-Tzu idea of motivation is based on exposure to extreme threatening scenario.
Sun-tzu came to believe that motivation through speeches is futile effort. Instead Sun-tzu talked of exposure of troops to extreme threat. Sun-tzu argued, an army fights with double or triple the spirit in adverse conditions.
You must act or suffer the consequences.
That’s the way our soldiers and men fight.
Written by Dr Atique Ur Rehman