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Daniel Craig discusses the Queen Elizabeth’s appearance in the legendary London Olympics spoof.

Daniel Craig, a James Bond actor, has commented about shooting a special scene with Queen Elizabeth for the London 2012 Olympics. The filming experience, in his words, was “an fantastic thing.”

Her Majesty accompanied the 54-year-old No Time to Die actress at Buckingham Palace as she made a cameo appearance in Danny Boyle’s 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

We will never see the likes of Elizabeth again, Craig stated in a BBC interview at the Toronto International Film Festival as he reflected on his time spent filming with the late monarch. Being alive during her reign is another thing, he said.

Craig ended by saying, “(I’m) quite saddened, so I suppose good luck to Charles, actually,” as he expressed hope for a better future.The British spy 007 was called to Buckingham Palace in the famous comedy routine to invite the Queen to the occasion.

He had to wait before being greeted by the Queen, who was at her desk and saying, “Good evening, Mr. Bond.”Together, they made their way to a chopper and boarded it. They flew over London to the Olympic Stadium, where a stunt duplicate of the Queen then parachuted into the arena.

The Queen offered herself for the Bond sequence, according to Frank Cottrell-Boyce, who co-wrote the Queen’s TV appearances with Paddington Bear and Craig for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday.

In fact, on the day of filming, she asked Boyle if she could have a line because there wasn’t one in the screenplay. This was likely because, when I was composing the script, I wasn’t really sure how to type the character of the Queen. What would you put? ”On September 8, Queen Elizabeth passed away “peacefully” at her Balmoral home in Scotland. She was 96.