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Day 9 of the war between Israel and Gaza

Israel forces are ready at Gaza border for ground invasion. Last night series of rockets were fired by Israel on Gaza. So far 1100 Palestinian have died in Israel rocket and aircraft bombing and 6000 are injured, officials in Palestine said.UN, General Secretary yesterday said, hospitals in Gaza are already packed to capacity with injured and there is no capacity to take more corps in morgues. Persecution of one million Muslim is imminent in the day light of 21stcentury. Israel said, its 400 civilians are killed in attacks by Hamas during last nine days.
Iran has warned Israel to refrain from ground offensive.
Israel is provoking the global sentiment, to create unrest among masses and through them for governments. Huge rallies in London, Paris and NewYork expressing solidarity with Palestine speaks volume of grave situation and cruelty of Israel . Middle East region seems oblivious to the situation and reluctant to openly support Palestine. The government in middle east only support and advocate the Palestinian side symbolically just to manage public sentiment of its own people. There are no strong and decisive actions taken in this regard by Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Thus, long-term practice allows us to conclude that these countries have little influence on the status and the form of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Therefore, it should be considered that, except for diplomatic actions at the UN or mediation conducted during major conflicts in the Gaza Strip, the influence of Middle Eastern states on the conflict is negligible.
Israel has also bombed Syria yesterday. Situation in Gaza is extremely precarious, one million people are on the verge of massacre. No food, no water, no medicine and being bombed by Israel. Horrific scenes emerging out of Gaza.
Russian-Ukraine war is drawing to an end causing substantial losses to Russia, Germany, Spain, Poland, and many other countries who were dependent on Russian economy. Nord Steam 2, which was constructed at a cost of $9 billion between Germany and Russian was blown away. 643$ billion of Russian were held up in crisis. Middle east is biggest supplier of oil to east and south east Asia. Energy crisis will halt the economic progress of south east and south Asian countries. World Bank has predicted the GDP of region closing to 6%. US is under huge debt, China is unstoppable. G20 could not deliver for US, Europe resisted to participate in war.
Yet, again the role of non state actors is under question.
Behaviour of Hamas, breach of a impregnable defence of Israel, extreme response of Israel, support of Europe raise many questions. Israel is repeatedly admitting its intelligence failure to predict Hamas attack. More they admit, more it raises suspicion.
How China contain the expansion of conflict will be more important to see.

Gazagenocide #PalestineLivesMatter