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Despite the inclement weather, Jungkook and Anitta managed to draw a significant crowd of fans to the Central Park aid festival

In New York, a multitude of individuals gathered in a damp Central Park for a concert advocating global development assistance, with Jungkook, a member of the renowned BTS group, and Brazil’s Anitta headlining the event’s first portion. Jungkook electrified the audience, draped in ponchos, prompting them to cheer and sway while he performed hits like “Still With You” during the Global Citizen Festival, which was characterized by a persistent, chilly rain. Dressed in acid-washed jeans and a brown shirt, the international superstar conveyed to the fans the importance of collectively making an impact to ensure that everyone, everywhere can access fundamental rights such as food and education.

He wasn’t billed as a headliner but Jungkook was a major draw of the night: many drenched concertgoers streamed out of the park just after his set ended, even though the evening was set to continue for another three hours. Earlier in the evening Anitta brought her impressive twerks and dance party of a show to the stage, performing hits including her recent “Funk Rave.” Brazil’s biggest pop star called attention to the importance of protecting the Amazon rainforest, reminding fans it’s “the lungs of our planet.” She also said just prior to kicking off her booty-shaking set that governments must do more to “protect the people there, the indigenous people, the communities there… whose only reality is the Amazon.” And rappers including Busta Rhymes and Common put on a 50th anniversary of hip hop tribute, one of many that has been put on across the city in recent months.