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Does iPhone allow stalkers and criminals to utilise your precise location?

According to CNET, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok do do gather user information and keep track of users’ whereabouts. However, this does not provide thieves and stalkers access to a user’s actual location.

A social media post warning users that a recent update to Apple’s operating system, iOS, has allowed thieves to access customers’ direct information has gone viral.The CNET story stated, “But it’s only a rumor, because that’s not how exact location works.

Users may now choose how much of their location they wish to share with an application, even though they provide microphone, contacts, images, camera, and GPS access to many applications.Apple modified how customers could manage their location information with the release of iOS 14 in 2020.

You can now disable precise location tracking so that apps only learn approximations of your location rather than giving them access to your specific coordinates.”So, let’s talk about how to disable your precise position.

In the “Settings” app, find an app that you prefer does not access your specific location if your iOS has been updated to version 14.Click “Location” after selecting the application. There, you will either see “While Using the App” or “Ask Next Time or When I Share.”

There is another selection, “Precise Location,” underneath these three. If you want to cease sharing your precise location, toggle this option off.Although the majority of applications don’t require your precise location, the research cautioned that you can experience issues with certain services if you disable this function for apps like Uber, Google Maps, or Doordash.