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Donald Trump’s son is happy about the release of rioter QAnon Shaman.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of former US President Donald Trump, is happy that Jacob Chansley aja QAnon Shaman was let out of jail early.

After getting out of federal jail early, QAnon Shaman was given one of the longest sentences ever for rioting at the US Capitol. He was accepted into a program that helps people get back into society.

In November 2021, Chansley, who was 35 at the time, was found guilty of interfering with a government probe.

He was sentenced to 41 months in jail. Chansley, on the other hand, has apparently been moved to a residential reentry management center in Phoenix, where he is from. According to prison records, he will be released on May 25.

Albert Watkins says that he was Chansley’s lawyer when he pleaded guilty and was sentenced. Chansley’s good behavior while in jail was part of the reason why he was let out early.

Watkins told NPR in a statement, “Mr. Chansley can now move on with his life, and I applaud the BOP for that.”

NPR said that Watkins said that the US Bureau of Prisons let Chansley out of jail in a way that was in line with its present rules, some of which are complicated.

In a tweet, Trump Jr. said, “It’s about time! After being sentenced to almost 3 years in prison for non-violent crimes, the Qanon Shaman has been released 14 months early, just weeks after @TuckerCarlson aired exculpatory January 6th video that his defense attorneys claim they never saw.”

“Now, those who hid the evidence to support their false story need to be held accountable!”

QAnon Shaman became famous for his attack on the Capitol on January 6. He stormed in with his shirt off and a fur hat with horns on it. The Justice Department says that Chansley was one of the first 30 people to break into the government building.

The Justice Department said that inside, he sat in the chair that Mike Pence, who was vice president at the time, had been in an hour earlier and took selfies on the dais above the Senate floor.

Chansley refused to leave when a police officer asked him to, and he called Pence a “traitor.” Later, he left a note on the dais that said, “It’s Only a Matter of Time. Justice Is Coming!”

QAnon Shaman was arrested a few days later and charged with six crimes, two of which were misdemeanors. In the end, he came to an agreement with the government and admitted to one count of obstructing an official process.