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The economy of China is way ahead of India; Analysis

An analysis by Ahsan Hamid Durrani, published in an english daily reveals that India is not the manufacturing behemoth that China is. The Chinese economy is six times its size. China’s per capita income is twelve thousand dollars per capita. India’s per capita income is two thousand dollars per capita. China provides more than 18 to 15 percent of global trade. India provides 2 percent of global trade. So, the gap between India and China, even when China is slowing down and India is going faster, has only increased in the last decade. With the country ranking only 18th in exports globally, the manufacturing sector is not the driving force of its economy. On the other hand, agriculture, which employs over two-fifths of the workforce, and the burgeoning technology industry, buoyed by the world’s largest English-speaking population and a robust education system, provide a unique competitive edge.