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Experts say that “Noor Jehan” may be able to get better.

KARACHI: This week, a group of vets and wildlife experts from Four Paws, a global organization that cares for animals, went to Karachi to help the 17-year-old elephant Noor Jehan, who is in pain at the city’s zoo.

During the test, the doctors found that her pain and discomfort were mostly caused by an internal hematoma and a broken pelvic floor. They gave Noor Jehan treatments to ease her pain right away and made more suggestions for her recovery.

Since 2021, experts have said that Noor Jehan and her friend Madhubala should be moved to a place that is right for their species and meets world standards.

Now, the government has decided that both elephants will be moved as soon as Noor Jehan is fit enough.

Noor Jehan’s pain started with a limp and quickly got worse, leaving her with a scary condition that left her partly paralyzed.

After people in society were outraged, Noor Jehan’s worsening health became more important. Officials from the zoo eventually called in experts from Four Paws because Noor Jehan could not be treated in Pakistan because they did not have the right medicine or tools.

An ultrasound and more lab tests were done to figure out what was wrong with Noor Jehan and what care she would need next.

After finding out what was wrong with the elephant, the team gave her medicines, vitamins, painkillers, and hydrotherapy to help her feel better right away.

Four paws Dr. Amir Khalil, who was in charge of the team of experts on-site, said, “During the ultrasound exam, we found an inner hematoma and a damaged pelvic floor.” This shows that something bad must have happened to her, which explains both her painful health state and her strange body position. Noor Jehan needs to move around a lot to get the muscles in her legs to work again. This will also help her digestive track move better. To help with this, she will also be given a special diet.

“It’s more important than ever that Noor Jehan gets stronger so she and her friend Madhubala can move soon to a home that’s better for their species so she can get better.”

Khalil also said that they had told the zoo staff what they thought Noor Jehan should do to get better.

“But now her survival and future depend on the zoo following them,” he said.

“Chance to live better”
Josef Pfabigan, the CEO of Four Paws Global, said that even though they had suggested that Noor Jehan be moved earlier, which would have saved her from the pain she has been going through recently, they were happy that she now had a chance at a better life.

The group promised to keep helping in situations where long-term answers can be found to help as many animals as possible live better lives.

Noor Jehan and Mabhubala live at Karachi Zoo, but Sonu and Malika, the other two African elephants in Pakistan that are kept as pets, live at Karachi Safari Park.

In 2009, all four were caught in the wild and brought together to Pakistan. Elephants should live in places that are good for their species, like in big open areas with natural surroundings and on soft ground where they can move around. Elephants like to take mud baths, which they can do with sand and water.