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Floods in Sindh could result in over 2 million school dropouts, according to Sardar Ali Shah

Syed Sardar Ali Shah, the minister of education and culture for Sindh, voiced fear that more than 2 million students would quit school as a result of the extensive infrastructure damage caused by the flooding in the impacted areas, according to The News.

Sardar stated that an emergency has been declared in the province’s education system to deal with the losses in a meeting with the deputy commissioner, senior superintendent of police, representatives of the United Nations International Children’s Fund, and representatives of various welfare organisations.

In addition to the continuing humanitarian efforts, he stated that it was important to preserve education and prevent the anticipated dropout rate.On this occasion, the minister declared that tent schools will be established in flood-affected districts by the Sindh school education department.

“In the near future, we will be dealing with [a significant issue] if learning activities are not guaranteed. Because of all the distractions, the education department works very hard to keep kids interested in their studies.

The education minister warned that if homeless children were not given a learning environment in their makeshift camps, there would be a massive dropout rate. In order to address this issue, the education department intended to establish tent classrooms in relief camps.He declared, “We require the help of the non-governmental organisations in relief efforts and rehabilitation.

According to Shah, teachers should instruct kids at summer camps to reduce the chance of learning loss.In the long run, he said, the floods had resulted in significant economic loss, and parents in disadvantaged and rural areas—where families had lost their cattle and agriculture—would not be able to send their kids to school.