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Four children were found safe two weeks after a plane crashed in the Amazon.

President Gustavo Petro said on Wednesday that four children from an Indigenous village in Colombia were found alive in the south of the country more than two weeks after the plane they were in crashed in thick jungle.

In the dense jungle of Colombia’s Caqueta state, members of the military, firefighters, and people from the civil aviation authority found the children and saved them.

The Cessna 206 was carrying seven people between Araracuara, in the province of Amazonas, and San Jose del Guaviare, a city in the province of Guaviare, when its engine broke down early on May 1. It sent out a mayday warning.

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“After a long search by our military, the four children who were lost after a plane crash in Guaviare have been found alive. A happiness for the country,” Petro said in a tweet.

The crash killed three people, including the pilot, and their bodies were found inside the plane. The 13-year-old, 9-year-old, 4-year-old, and 11-month-old children all lived through the effects.

From what the civil aviation authority, which was in charge of coordinating the rescue efforts, knows so far, it looks like the children got out of the plane and went into the jungle to find help.

With the help of search dogs, rescuers had already found discarded fruit that the children ate to stay alive and makeshift shelters made of wild plants.

Both the army and the air force of Colombia sent planes and helicopters to help save the people.