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Friendly countries have never left Pakistan alone in trouble, COAS Gen Bajwa

SWAT: Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa while talking to the media during his visit to Kanju, Swat said that friendly countries have never left Pakistan alone in trouble. The assessment of severe flood damage is yet to be done, the survey will be done jointly by the district administration, provincial governments and the army to assess the large-scale damage caused by the flood.
He said that there has been a lot of damage in Kalam, bridges and hotels have been badly damaged. In the flood of 2000 there was a similar disaster here and again negligence was shown by allowing them to build in places. Legal action should be taken against those responsible. The most important thing at this time is to open the Kalam road. Hope to open the road in 6 to 7 days.

The Army Chief said that the people trapped in Kalam are being evacuated. There is no crisis situation in Kalam. There is a very good response to the appeal for help to the flood victims. At that time, various welfare organizations, political parties and Pakistan forces our relief centers have been opened. A headquarters has been set up on the lines of NCOC where the aid data will be collected. The response of the people is coming very well, many tons of ration is being collected. Not the ration, but the tents will be the problem. They are trying to order tents from abroad. Tents are also being provided by the army. Sindh. And there is a great need for tents in Balochistan.
General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that aid flights have started coming from UAE, Turkey and China. Flights will also start coming from Saudi Arabia and Qatar; Money will also come. Friendly countries have never left Pakistan alone in trouble, inshallah they will not leave it in the future either. The response of Pakistanis, especially “Pakistanis Abroad” is very good. We have to make the victims a home.
He said that we will make pre-fab houses for the victims, God willing. The problem is in Sindh, where four feet of water is standing. The problem is in Balochistan, where entire villages have been wiped out. Met the victims transported by copters. Tourist families were also included among the victims brought to Kanju Cantonment.