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Gigi Hadid breaks down in tears in a new interview about her troubles.

Gigi Hadid couldn’t hold back her tears when she talked about her trauma in a new interview with a fashion magazine. She said that tennis legend Serena Williams helped her feel better.

Gigi Hadid, Bella’s older sister, would be on the cover of Ellen magazine in March 2023. When asked how she dealt with fame, she broke down in tears and said, “I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.”

During her interview, the 27-year-old model’s eyes filled with tears when she talked about being famous “What about me does the world not know? I’m not sure. When I think about it, I start to feel sad. I think I’m someone you have to see for yourself to understand.”

The blonde bombshell, who has a son named Khai with Zayn Malik, who used to be in One Direction, went on: “Not hard at all. This is not a gripe. It’s more that I see a lot of snapshots at work.”

As Gigi wiped away her tears, she said: “No, that’s okay. It looks like I had to say it. There are a lot of snapshots and short scenes where, again, not a lot of background information is given.”

She told the magazine’s associate editor, Adrienne Gaffney, that she and her younger sister Bella had been in therapy. “We probably deal with different things on different sides, but there will always be something that brings us together.”

Serena once told me, “Nothing stays in the press for more than three weeks.” When that happens, it can feel like the end of your life,” Hadid said.

I think it’s about not taking yourself too seriously and thinking, “When I’m on my deathbed, I won’t remember that one awkward interview I had when I was 19.”

During the styling session for the magazine, the supermodel looked great in a crop top and matching pants that showed off her toned stomach.

Gigi is also starting a new job as a co-host with Tan France on Netflix’s reality competition show Next In Fashion, whose second season starts next month.