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Girl wins $48m lottery in first attempt

Juliette Lamour went straight to a financial advisor, whom she calls “Dad” because she calls him that, after she won the lottery jackpot on her first try. The 18-year-old Canadian is the youngest person to ever win a prize of this size. He won $35.8 million (C$48 million).

The BBC said that Juliette plans to keep her feet on the ground, which is different from what most teenagers would do if they got rich overnight. The college student wants to finish school so that she can become a doctor.

“I was crying, but they were happy tears,” she told the BBC as she celebrated her win at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation on Friday.

“I still can’t believe my first lottery ticket won the Gold Ball jackpot!”

Juliette from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, said she had forgotten all about the lottery ticket until she heard that a person from her town had won the jackpot on January 7.

When she opened an app on her phone to check her ticket, a song started to play, and the words “Big Winner” flashed across the screen.

Juliette said, “My coworker fell to his knees in shock.” She also said that he and everyone else were yelling.

Even though her boss told her to leave early, her mother made her stay at work until the end of her shift.

Juliette said that most of the money would be “carefully” invested with her father’s help, since he is her money manager. The idea to buy the Lotto 6/49 quick pick came from her father, so he has already given her the best financial advice.

Juliette plans to invest some of the money so she can follow her dream of becoming a doctor without having to worry about grants or loans. She plans to move back to northern Ontario so she can be a doctor and help the people there.

But Juliette also wants to have a good time. She said she wants to go on a trip with her family and “start exploring.” She also said she wanted to “live in different countries” and learn about their culture and history.

“I want to try their food and hear how they talk.”

She also wants to take some of the advice from people close to her. “Money doesn’t make a person,” said the young winner.