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Global Chess Moves Unfolding

An Analysis
Russian intent is to move towards Balkans. NATO seems vulnerable. Belgium foreign minister says “heads of NATO foreign affairs agencies will discuss at a meeting in Brussels for creation of a €100 billion fund for the supply of weapons to Ukraine over 5 years.” NATO is expecting Ukraine will resist Russia for 5 more years. However, Russian foreign minister says they are vigilant , “NATO has returned to the Cold War mentality in relations with Russia. There is no room for NATO in a new multipolar world, but the BLOC will remain in our focus.” About last week terror attack in Moscow Russia denies U.S. warned them about Moscow terror attack and said “We are so tired of their endless misinformation.”
In middle east, today five simultaneous attacks were carried out on five military bases, today, in Iran killing 10 persons.
Over one million Palestinian trapped in artificial famine created by Israel, the war clouds between Iran-Israel getting dense. Israel bombed Iranian Embassy in Syria and killed 9 Iranian diplomats. Iran vows retaliation against Israel.
In Tehran, a billboard has appeared with a photo of Brig.-Gen Mohammed Zahedi with a stark message in Hebrew: “We will punish you and make you regret.”
Iran is reportedly preparing a 12,000-strong force in Jordan as part of the ‘Islamic Resistance in Jordan.’ IRGC in a statement said “We will soon witness further deadly attacks against Israel, and the resistance front will fulfill its duty.”
Meanwhile U.S has warned IRAN in a statement “We will not hesitate to defend our personnel. [This was an] attack in which we had no involvement or advanced knowledge – to resume their attacks on U.S. personnel.”
But Iran in a reply to US
says “The United States is responsible for all crimes committed by the Israeli regime.”
Israel has ordered the evacuation of its embassy in Azerbaijan, nestled between Russia and Iran and also
Iranian leader Khamenei said “The defeat of the Zionist regime in Gaza will continue, and this regime will be close to decline and dissolution. Of course, they will be slapped with this action.”
In a new development, President Biden Offers To Declassify Houthis As Terrorists. The US cargo ships have been facing difficulties in Red sea due to Hotti rebels’ attacks. US alleges Iran for supporting rebels in Yemen.
NATO and US feels threatened by Russia in Europe. Israel and US and confronting Iran in middle east.
It is complex scenario which is likely to affect the global energy needs and result in more economic crisis.
Dr Atique Ur Rehman