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Hawaii shakes from an earthquake of magnitude 4.2

The island of Hawaii was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of about 4.2, but no damage was reported, officials said Thursday.

The quake happened around 4:30 p.m., and the US Geological Survey says that its core was 7.5 miles southeast of Pahala and 18 miles deep.

The Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory said that many people on the island felt the earthquake, with 89 reports of feeling it in the first half hour. They also said that “the reported shaking intensity was very light” and that they didn’t expect much damage or loss.

The officials also said that neither the Mauna Loa nor the Kilauea volcanoes seemed to be affected by the earthquake.

The latest quake in Phala is part of a series of quakes that have been happening since 2019. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is keeping an eye on the volcanoes.

On its website, the National Weather Service Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said that the island is not at risk of a Tsunami.

Because of this, no damage or injuries were reported after the earthquake.