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High on the charts, but with mixed reviews, is the Korean movie “Unlocked.”

The Korean movie Unlocked just came out on Netflix, and on February 20, it was the most-watched movie on Netflix. It is based on Akira Teshigawara’s book of the same name.

Even though it did well on the charts, critics and audiences didn’t like the movie very much. Koreaboo says that reviewers think that even though the acting was good, the movie missed a chance to make a social comment about how people depend on technology and put too much trust in security software. Instead, it seems like the movie chose to use overused tropes and clichés.

In the movie, Im Si Wan plays a serial killer who steals Lee Na Mi’s phone and makes her life a living hell. In the meantime, Kim Hee Won plays a detective who is looking for a serial killer and starts to think it might be his son.

Some reviewers said that the way Im Si Wan played the serial killer didn’t seem to match up with how dangerous his crimes were. What’s on Netflix said that he gave the character a “flat effect” in the way he played him.