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Huzaifa and Noor triumph in their Independence Day squash matches.

On Sunday, Huzaifa Ibrahim and Noor ul Huda won the Independence Day exhibition squash matches at Karachi Club.The ceremony was planned by Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon to commemorate Pakistan’s 75th anniversary of independence.

Others in attendance included Sports Coordinator Ghulam Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Akhlaq, Chief Referee Naveed Alam, ACG Abid Qamar Sheikh, Asad Ibad Ali, and others.Huzaifa Ibrahim faced Talha Saeed in the men’s match.

Both players demonstrated excellent squash abilities and strategies, but Huzaifa controlled the match to win it 3-0. The final score was 11/4/11/7/11/6. (20m). Noor ul Huda dominated the women’s match, outwitting her opponent Aina Sheikh by a score of 11/8 11/6 11/5. (20m).
Speaking on the occasion, Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon stated that Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day is being commemorated in the greatest way possible in Karachi. “We are organising a festival in collaboration with Bank Islami throughout the month, and we are grateful to Bank Islami President Syed Amir Ali for his unwavering and generous assistance.

“He also urged players to participate in as many sporting events as possible and to fly the Pakistani flag as high as possible around the world. The Commissioner also asked Huzaifa Ibrahim to his office, saying, “I want to see you as a world champion like Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan.”