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Imran lavishes admiration on the judges; celebrations today

Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, praised the Supreme Court’s three-member panel on Tuesday for’standing firm and defending the constitution and law’ in overturning the Punjab deputy speaker’s verdict on the chief minister’s election.

“I appreciate our Supreme Court judges for standing firm and respecting the Constitution and law in the face of all manner of threats and insults,” the PTI head tweeted. The PTI president also congratulated Barrister Ali Zafar and his team, as well as the people of Punjab, for turning out in “record numbers” to protest rigging in the bye-elections.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has called on his followers to take to the streets on Wednesday to celebrate.According to the PTI, his party will celebrate the victory today with the supporters of Haqeeqi Azadi.

Former information minister Fawad Chaudhry congratulated the people on its win, saying that ex-Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz should have resigned after the elections since he was involved in unprincipled politics.

“The Constitution was restored by the Supreme Court,” he added. Moonis Elahi, the son of PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi, stated Hamza is “gone” and referred to him as “kukri” (chicken). “Neither Hamza’s father nor his sister were able to save him,” Moonis stated.

Speaking outside the Supreme Court, PTI Vice Chairman Chaimran Shah Mahmood Qureshi praised the ruling, stating, “I pay tribute to the judges for tolerating unruly behaviour of the government ministers”.

He said the verdict is the victory of the public mandate and Constitution. “People rejected the imported government and this is a victory of public mandate and Constitution.”He also lashed out at the deputy speaker, Dost Mohammad Mazari, who belongs to PTI, saying he played a “shameful role” in the chief minister’s election. “[Prime Minister] Shehbaz Shairf should now dissolve assemblies and call early elections which is the only solution now.”