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In April, Pakistan will not be able to see the solar eclipse.

April 20, the Moon will cover up the Sun, causing the first “hybrid solar eclipse” of the year 2023.

The much-anticipated space event will give the world a breathtaking view as the hybrid solar eclipse changes from a total to an annular (ring-shaped) eclipse as the moon’s shadow falls on Earth.

Eclipses are rare events that happen when the moon, sun, and earth all line up in a way that blocks or blocks out the sun’s light. But mixed solar eclipses are a very rare event that only happens a few times every hundred years.

Even though people in Pakistan won’t be able to see the event, they can still watch it live on the internet.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has also stated that people will be able to see the eclipse as planned.

In a short statement, the PMD said that the eclipse will begin early in the morning on April 20 and stop just before noon, but no one will be able to see it anywhere in the country.

Here are the times of the different parts of a solar eclipse:

At 6:34am PST, eclipse will start.
At 7:37am PST, there will be a full eclipse.
Eclipse will be at its best at 9:17am PST.
Ends at 11:59am PST
The PMD says that some parts of the world will see part of the rare solar eclipse and others will see it all. Some parts of southern and eastern Asia, Australia, and Antarctica, as well as the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, will be able to see the event.

Astronomers Without Borders, a group based in the US, has named April “Global Astronomy Month” because the sky will be full of amazing things to see during that month. This is according to a story from Popular Science.

On April 20, a solar eclipse will create a ring of fire that can be seen for a short time in the Indian Ocean. However, when the eclipse hits Western Australia, the moon will completely cover the sun, making it dark for about nine minutes during the day.

But this solar eclipse won’t be visible from the US. However, in October, there will be another solar eclipse that will be visible from the western part of the US.