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In Khyber District, two soldiers were killed in a shootout with terrorists.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said Wednesday that two Pakistan Army troops died in a firefight with terrorists near Tirah in Khyber District.

The military’s media arm said that the soldiers successfully attacked the terrorists’ site, which led to the deaths of two terrorists and injuries to four more.

The statement also said that weapons and ammo had been found on the terrorists who had been killed.

“However, during a fierce firefight, Sepoy Waqas Ali Shah, 26, from District Charsadda, and Sepoy Basit Ali, 24, from District Peshawar, who had fought bravely, embraced shahadat,” ISPR said.

It also said that the area is being cleaned up to get rid of any other terrorists who might be in the area.

It said that Pakistan’s security forces are determined to get rid of the threat of terrorism, and that the bravery of our troops only makes that determination stronger.

Pakistan has been hit by a string of terror acts over the past few months, and the country’s civilian and military leaders have decided to work together to stop them.

The top military and civilian leaders of the country were on the National Apex Committee, which tried to get the whole country to agree on how to get rid of militancy.

Terrorists have recently killed ordinary Pakistanis and law enforcement officers in both rural and urban areas. This has caused the security forces and LEAs to move faster against them.