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India freed 20 Pakistanis, and they were given to the Edhi Foundation.

Nine fishermen and 11 citizens who were freed by India earlier this week were given to the Edhi Foundation on Friday after agencies made sure they were safe.

Ghulam Dastgir Shamal, Muhammad Aqil, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Sohail, Zulqarnain, Muhammad Mushtaq, Iqbal, Imran Shahid, Manzoor Ahmed, Poorabheel, and Fida Hussain are some of the people who live in Edhi, according to a spokeswoman.

Abdul Manaf, Qasim Hussain, Usher, Sher Ali, Salim, Ahmed, Abdul Majeed, Bakhsh Ali, and Muhammad Iqbal are some of the sailors who were let go.

The Indian government arrested the fishermen for breaking maritime laws, the spokesman said, and they are from Punjab, Sindh, and Karachi.

The Edhi Foundation also said that they would help get the fishers back to their homes.

On May 20, India let the prisoners go. But before they could go home, they had to get security clearance.

The prisoners were kept in different jails and were let out when their sentences were over in India.

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi was very important to the latest releases. The high commission gave the people who were let out of Indian prison temporary travel documents.

India and Pakistan swapped lists of prisoners being held in each other’s jails on January 1. According to those lists, Pakistan was holding 705 Indian prisoners, including 51 civilians and 654 fishermen. This month, Pakistan let go of 198 Indian fishers.

On the other hand, India said that 339 people and 95 fishermen who were Pakistanis had been taken into custody. Pakistan had asked that its 51 civilian prisoners and 94 fishers who had finished their sentences be freed and sent back home. India was only able to free 22 of them.

Pakistan had also asked for consular access to the missing military members from the wars in 1965 and 1971, as well as special consular access to 56 Indian civilian prisoners.

At the Wagah border, Pakistan Rangers Punjab met the 22 Pakistanis who had just been freed from prison in India.

Officials say that after routine searches and questions, the people will be given back to their families, and the fishermen will be sent to Karachi with the help of the Edhi Foundation.