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India going rouge; Killing of Sikh Leaders

Once Mr Ajit Doval, Indian NSA said “International connectivity projects should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nations”, on March 29, while
addressing the 18th Meeting of the Secretaries of the Security Councils of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), We do not know what he meant. Because India is consistently engaged in breach of sovereignty of other nations.
India, in succession, killed two Sikh leaders in Canada and US during the year 2023.
Canadian PM and US authorities have openly charge sheeted India.
Two days ago, US indicted an Indian for plotting an assisination attempt to killed a sikh leader in US.
India has a history of interference in the domestic affairs of its neighbouring countries. With the goal to establish hegemony in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region, India has adopted an Indo-centric strategy. Therefore, from the beginning in 1950s and 1960s, India indulged in conflicts with China (1962 war), Pakistan (three wars), Nepal (India interfered in the internal affairs of the royal family) and Sri Lanka (India supported the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) in the Sri Lankan civil war). The aims of pursuing such policies of interference are meant to destabilise the neighbouring states and influence their foreign policy. Although India has not been successful yet her increasing hostility with the neighbouring countries has disturb the regional peace. India always promoted and supported the sub-nationalism, secessionist movements, and insurgencies, which aim to undermine the regional peace and stability. India aspires to be the police man of the region but Pakistan has become a main obstacle in the Indian way for controlling the affairs of the South Asian region, states Mir Sherbaz Khetran in his article published in ISSI journal ‘Indian Interference in Balochistan: Analysing the Evidence and Implications for Pakistan.’
Host of international media outlets have reported, numerous times, that Baloch separatist leaders involved in terrorist incidents in Pakistan have the backing of India.
Pakistan has also provided UN was also provided with the dossiers of the Indian patronage to the insurgent groups in Balochistan by the Governm Pakistan regarding terrorist activities being funded and monitored by the Research Analysis Wing (RAW) – the Indian intelligence agency. TTP and ISA has strong nexus with RAW.
India is also promoter of fake news. Indian Chronicles were exposed by EU Disinfo Lab in Brussels in 2020. It is a state sponsored propaganda network established across the globe by India  against states which were not in conformation with Indian policies. The network of fake websites, NGO, news agencies has been operating since 2005 and it still continues.  Indian chronicles have been termed biggest promoter of organised fake news  in the world. ‘ Bad Source’ is yet another startling revelations by EU DisInfoLab about ANI, biggest Indian news distributor.
US on 29th November, 2023 have asked two senior Research and Analysis Wing officers were to leave their stations in [San Francisco and London]. RAW was also blocked from replacing its station head in Washington, DC.
India should realize quickly that interference in affairs of other states, is counter productive for them and regional peace as well.